Bio-Electric Meridian Treatment

Bio-Electric meridian therapy is a machine assisted hands-on therapy that combines traditional Chinese medicine principles, contemporary Western Reflexology, and Bio-Electricity technology. Also known as DDS Bio-Electric Therapy; the DDS standing for Trans-Dermal Drug Delivery although it is also called the Direct Detoxification System; this is a new hi-tech technology proposed in 1986.

​The Acid-Base Equilibrium Theory is relatively new, introduced to the southeast Asian market in only 2010. In 2011, the DDS Bio-Electric Therapy Machine passed the European certification process (CE), allowing it to be sold in Europe, laying the foundation for international development. It is a recently FDA approved modality in the US (2014).

The basis of the technique is correcting the acid-base balance of the body. The Bio-Electric energy regulates the body, and sends new Bio-Electric energy to combine with the function of acid-base cream and oils, which makes the physical effect a compliment to chemical effect. The therapy also stimulates our own naturally occurring Bio-Electrical energy to regulate and activate the meridians in order to treat common health symptoms with immediate effectiveness.

How Is Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy Done?

Our bodies, like everything in the universe, are made up of energy. The DDS Bio Electric Therapy machine (along with the applied alkalized-ash creams, oils and mud) is part of a direct-penetration treatment method that uses a controllable amount of low-voltage electrical current (energy), transmitted through a trained practitioner’s hands to penetrate into the body’s deepest cellular level.

By channeling Bio-Electric energy into the patient’s body via the therapist combined with the therapeutic effects of alkalic essential oils and alfalfa cream, the body’s excess acidity can be neutralised. The therapist will then gently manipulate your acupoints, coupled with the low electric current, helping the body’s meridians and energy centres will be stimulated, strengthened and balanced.

How Does Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy Work?

The result of the penetration of the Bio-Electric energy in our body is to stimulate the body meridians, causing excitement to peripheral nerve fibers. The impulse of current spreads to the central nervous system causing the brain releases endorphins to provide the analgesic effects to relieve our pain. People who are suffering can feel an instant relief of his/her pain naturally. It also helps by activating our natural bactericidal and anti-inflammatory responses healing us from within.

The meridians are the path of our blood channels which transports blood to various parts of the human body. It is also a channel that communicates and exchanges energy within our body. It is an important channel to transmit information, via bio-electric pathways within our body system, defending and guarding the body from external harm.