Introduction To Theta Healing & Healing Circle

Date & Location

16 May, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Reiki Refuge, Kuala Lumpur (map)

Event Details

What if you could change your limiting beliefs and create the life you want?

What if you can manifest the highest and easiest way for your health, wealth, love life and business?

What if you could tap into the highest energy of Unconditional Love and change your life easily and effortlessly?

We would like to invite you to attend our Introduction to Theta Healing® and Healing Circle by MathuBala.

You can discover how effective and life-changing this type of energy healing is. Join me to discover how easy it is to change your limiting beliefs and to create a life you love.

What Is ThetaHealing®

ThetaHealing® is one of the most powerful meditation technique designed by Vianna Stibal, more than 20 years ago when she witnessed a healing for herself from cancer. This Meditation uses a quick and effective technique guiding you to the Unconditional Love Energy of Creator/ Source to witness amazing healing in yourself.

This technique is frequently used to change the limiting beliefs people have around healing, self-love, self-worth, attracting abundance, manifesting and attracting soul mates.

The topics will be shared are as follows:

  • Introduction to ThetaHealing®
  • What are Beliefs and how are they created, and how does ThetaHealing® technique help in changing limiting beliefs
  • The Roadmap to the Creator of All That Is – Meditation
  • Utilising the energy of Unconditional Love to calm yourself
  • Manifesting (Meditation)
  • Forgiveness Exercise (Meditation)
  • Energy clearing and some positive downloads

Get to know how ThetaHealing® has helped millions and how it can help you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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About Your Facilitator

Mathubala ShirleyWhat started as a 21-year old’s journey towards self development and discovery; has with passion, enthusiasm, and determination; led her to become a successful young entrepreneur.

Intrigued with truth, wondering ‘what else is out there’ and questioning herself for the reasons of different experiences she had gone through, led her to discover ThetaHealing® by Vianna Stibal. Through Vianna’s spiritual mentorship, thousands have been empowered. Mathu herself has used this technique to overcome shyness and self-doubt, phobias of crowded places, speaking in front of groups of people, and depression.

This fast change in her life encouraged her to complete her healing certifications and she eventually became the first ThetaHealing® Master Healer and Certificate of Science holder in Malaysia.

Mathu believes in kindness and that all is possible with focused prayer and knowing of self. For each have their own abilities, she helps people connect, align and work together with their soul.

Mathu, inspired by truth, passion, love and joy, aspires to travel and meet many like-minded people who want to make a difference in their lives and in others.

Note About Parking

As we are located within a residential area, you will find that adequate parking is usually available on the side lane as well as the back lane.


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