What is holistic health?

What Is Holistic Health Care & Why It’s Important

We have a tendency to believe that lifestyle and health are separate. Apart from the obvious things like fitness and eating well, we don’t really think about how our mental health could affect our physical health – or vice versa. Nor do we consider preventative options that could keep us healthier for longer. A holistic approach to healthcare is important because it takes everything into account. From how much sleep you get to how stressed you are.

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For In Him All Things Were Created (Reiki & My Faith – Part 1)

As a Reiki & TCM practitioner as well as being a card carrying Christian of the Lutheran tradition, I occasionally get asked how I reconcile my practices with my faith. I’d like to provide an alternative perspective in how this Christian (ie. me) accepts such caution and yet intentionally remains generous in how I perceive and embrace these complementary healing practices.