Learn Reiki

Reiki is a widely known form of energy healing, considered a holistic system for healing, balancing and personal growth. With roots in ancient Japan, Reiki is based on the customs handed down for generations.

Learning Reiki is easy and requires no special skill or belief. All our classes are taught without religious or philosophical dogma.

At the Reiki Refuge, we currently provide training for the first and second degrees of Reiki.

Once you have taken a first degree course in Reiki, you will hold the keys to tap into Reiki healing energy at any time you need. It’s a skill that is available to you at any time. Like all skills, it deepens with practice, and with each successive course you take.

Here are some reasons why you should consider learning Reiki:

  • Reiki Is Simple and Easy To Learn
  • Personal Healing
  • Help Prevent Illness
  • Help Family, Friends and Pets
  • Get Connected To Your Spirituality

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What Our Students Say


Reiki 1st Degree (Shoden)

This is the beginners level but also the full activation of Reiki in your hands. Once you have completed this level you will be able to use Reiki to heal yourself and loved ones. This level gives you Reiki for life and many people who are using Reiki for personal use and in and around the home for friends and family find this level both fulfilling and enough for their personal needs. The training takes place over a 12 hour workshop either over one weekend or weekday/evening combinations.

Reiki 2nd Degree (Okuden)

This workshop focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level. Reiki II heals past experiences, assists with addictions and negative thinking patterns. Distance healing is also learned and practiced. Distance healing includes sending Reiki to someone around the globe, or just across town! It also includes healing our earlier years, or situations in this life, as well as the ability to heal our past experiences. The training takes place over a 12 hour workshop either over one weekend or weekday/evening combinations.

Reiki 3rd Degree (Shinpiden)

In Reiki Level 1, the seed was planted within you to realise that you are and always have been connected Reiki. The master level makes this vividly clear to you in the form of the traditional Usui Reiki master symbol. This empowers you to teach Reiki to other people, as well as opening you up to new healing tools, both on the treatment table and in your everyday life.

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