The Reiki Level 3 workshop is considered by some to be the completion of their Reiki training. The truth is, however, that there is nothing to complete, nothing to attain, and that you will not gain anything that you did not already have. The master level of Reiki is an awakening to this truth, the realisation that we never needed to look to external sources to find joy within. We now realise the simplicity of life, and of Reiki, and delight as we partake of both.

In Reiki Level 1, the seed was planted within you to realise that you are and always have been connected Reiki. The master level makes this vividly clear to you in the form of the traditional Usui Reiki master symbol. This empowers you to teach Reiki to other people, as well as opening you up to new healing tools, both on the treatment table and in your everyday life.

The Reiki Level 3 workshop emphasises both the spiritual aspects of the teachings as well as the practical aspects of running a Reiki course.

Workshop Content

What You’ll Learn

  • Advanced Reiki techniques
  • The Master Reiki symbol
  • Placing A Healing Mandala
  • Doing Reiki Initiations
  • Principles of Teaching Reiki
What You’ll Receive

  • Comprehensive Usui Shinpiden Reiki handbook
  • Additional handouts for workshop
  • Shinpiden Reiki (Level 3) attunement
  • Shinpiden Reiki (Level 3) certificate
Workshop Outline

  • The Master Symbol
  • The Subtle Anatomy
  • Advanced Healing Techniques
  • Initiation
  • Principles of Teaching Reiki
  • Dealing With Blockages
  • Energetic Protection

Important Note

This workshop is open to all who have completed their Okuden or Level 2 training in Usui Reiki (either with Bob Kee or another teacher) and have performed at least 25 Reiki treatments previously. If you have not completed the Okuden or Level 2 training, click here to find out more or contact us directly.

Please note Reiki Level 3 is about transformation – it can be extremely challenging for those who have not mastered the Reiki Level 2 techniques.

Reiki attunements and information build on each other and each lineage of Reiki holds different information and energetic footprints. There is no point jumping to this level and skipping Reiki Level 2, the tools will not be effective for you without the appropriate foundation.

Your acceptance into the Shinpiden Reiki 3rd Degree workshop is on condition that you can scan us a copy of your certificate and your lineage. Please understand this double check is for your benefit and to ensure that you are able to utilise the teachings and symbols effectively.

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What Our Students Say

Passionate & Open To Answer Questions

Very well structured training. Bob is very prepared, passionate, and open to answer any questions. Slides and manual are very professional. Thank you for everything.

Elena G (Kuala Lumpur)
Kuala Lumpur

Encouraged To Further Explore & Practice

I came in with hardly any knowledge of Reiki. At the end of two days, I now have a deeper understanding of it. It has also encouraged me to further explore and practice what I have learnt to reap the benefits of Reiki.

June G (Singapore)

Confident To Practice

The training was really enjoyable and I understood many things. I feel confident to practice with the good keys in hand. Thanks Bob!

Benoit T (Lyon, France)
Lyon, France

Lovely Sharing

Love Bob for sharing, guiding us with his wisdom with patience, especially over tea break – from “hantu” and general spirituality, and about the mind-body connection.

Grace K (Petaling Jaya)
Petaling Jaya

Knowledge & Passion

The Reiki training was well presented and easy to understand. Bob has extensive knowledge and teaches with true passion, helping me understand how amazing Reiki is. Once again, thanks Bob!

Ros See (Kuala Lumpur)

Life Changing Experience

I came for the course out of curiosity, I wasn’t really sure if it works, but three days after it seems to me that this might be a life changing experience.

Ana J (Serbia)

Pace Of Training Matched Our Needs

Small group so lots of opportunity for having our questions answered. Informal / relaxed group – felt like the pace of the training matched our needs. It was interesting to know the background of Reiki.

Tor M (Singapore)

Liked The Practical Elements

All very interesting. Especially liked the more practical elements , however I also enjoyed the history of Reiki and physiology. Bob was very willing to spend time answering questions and discussing areas further.

Jess E (Kuala Lumpur)
Kuala Lumpur

Possibilities & Discoveries

Reiki has showed me possibilities and discoveries that could happen if I have an open mind. I look forward to an exciting future!

Jeeva J (Kuala Lumpur)
Kuala Lumpur

Mental, Emotional And Physical Harmony

I discovered that the healing energy from Reiki and other methods such as prayer or meditation is the same. A big thanks to Usui Sensei and my two Reiki teachers, Masters Nusrat and Bob who transmitted this knowledge to me and helped me deepen my own spiritual practice.

Pema Khandro (Ampang)

Further Information
  • To view our workshop schedule and fees, click here
  • If you want to discuss and find out more about this course, just send us a message.