Sunrise over Mt Kinabalu

For In Him All Things Were Created (Reiki & My Faith – Part 1)

As a Reiki & TCM practitioner as well as being a card carrying Christian of the Lutheran tradition, I occasionally get asked how I reconcile my practices with my faith. I’d like to provide an alternative perspective in how this Christian (ie. me) accepts such caution and yet intentionally remains generous in how I perceive and embrace these complementary healing practices.

Treating Psoriasis With Reiki

Treating Psoriasis With Reiki – A Case Study

This case involves a 17 year-old-boy who suddenly found himself affected by a kind of psoriatic outbreak all over his body. As expected, he began treatment with one dermatologist after another. In the long run, he came to visit me in the conditions and after the first 8 sessions, the lesions disappeared leaving only the difference of pigmentation marks on the skin