Bio-Electric meridian therapy is a machine assisted hands-on therapy that combines traditional Chinese medicine principles, contemporary Western Reflexology, and Bio-Electricity technology. This therapy is a pH level bio-electrical electro-therapy infiltration technique that uses a CE certified DDS (Direct Detoxification System) Bio-Electric Therapy machine. The therapy generates a low electrical current into our body that stimulates our own naturally occurring bio-electrical currents to regulate and activate the meridians in order to treat common health symptoms with immediate effectiveness.

How Is Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy Done?

By channeling Bio-Electric energy into the patient’s body via the therapist combined with the therapeutic effects of alkalic essential oils and alfalfa cream, the body’s excess acidity can be neutralised. The therapist will then gently manipulate your acupoints, coupled with the low electric current, helping the body’s meridians and energy centres will be stimulated, strengthened and balanced.

How Does Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy Work?

The result of the penetration of the Bio-Electric energy in our body is to stimulate the body meridians, causing excitement to peripheral nerve fibers. The impulse of current spreads to the central nervous system causing the brain releases endorphins to provide the analgesic effects to relieve our pain. People who are suffering can feel an instant relief of his/her pain naturally. It also helps by activating our natural bactericidal and anti-inflammatory responses healing us from within.

The meridians are the path of our blood channels which transports blood to various parts of the human body. It is also a channel that communicates and exchanges energy within our body. It is an important channel to transmit information, via bio-electric pathways within our body system, defending and guarding the body from external harm.

What Can Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy Treat?

Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy is ideal for people who get tired easily, suffer from appetite loss, want to improves blood circulation in the body, prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, remove triglycerides and cholesterol, adjust acid-alkaline balance in the body, and remain healthy and youthful.

Some of the benefits of Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy include:

  • Clearing the Body’s MeridiansBio-Electric Meridian Therapy is the use of electric current flowing in the body to stimulate and clear the meridian passageways. Increased blood circulation, oxygen to the cells and nerve stimulation will rid the body of an acidic environment to maintain a healthy balanced pH level. With a balanced pH level illnesses will disappear and your vitality and energy will increase.
  • Promote Blood CirculationBio-Electric Meridian Therapy is able to penetrate deep into the body causing blood vessels to expand significantly increasing blood flow and micro-circulation and also the storage capacity of oxygen.
  • Activate Nerve and Muscle TissueApplying Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy stimulates nerves and muscles; to the point that it is possible to revive a sick or dying nervous system. At the same time, muscles are strengthened, repaired and tension removed. Therefore Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy can provide great improvement in stroke patients, or people who suffer from paralysis and muscle atrophy.
  • Regulating the Digestive SystemBio-Electric Meridian Therapy works in helping and regulating our endocrine glands and systems, All organs controlled and regulated by the endocrine systems will improve in their functions.
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory EffectBio-Electric energy can increase the number of white blood cells and enhance the anti-inflammatory and sterilization effect within the body.
  • Eliminate FatigueBio-Electric Meridian energy increases endorphins in the body creating a sense of bliss, happiness and relaxation eliminating body fatigue. Increased blood flow and oxygen in the body along with a balanced pH will also create more energy all day long.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy generally does not produce much unpleasant side effects. There are occasions where people who have undergone acupuncture experience some temporary side effects including the worsening of symptoms prior to the symptoms improving, fatigue, soreness, bruising, light headedness or muscle twitching.

These are normal side effects and do not effect everybody. They are also temporary and generally fleeting.

Not all the side effects are unpleasant though. Some of the more positive side effects of acupuncture include better sleep, more energy, mental clarity and better digestion.

Are There Any Contraindications?

The vast majority of contraindications for Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy are relative rather than absolute contraindications. Bio-Electric Meridian Therapy however is not recommended for people who:

  • Have a pacemaker
  • Have stents
  • Are pregnant
  • Have thrombosis
  • Have a acute bacterial infections
  • Have implants (whether metal or silicone)
  • Have high systolic blood pressure (above 160 mmHg)
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