Theta Healing Session

If you wonder whether you should have an in-person session or not it is important to know that ThetaHealing® also works just as effectively over long distances as it does in-person. A variety of ways can be used such as phone, Skype, WhatAapp video, or in-person. What is more important is how you feel most comfortable.

Who will do the ThetaHealing® session?

Anju ThawaniAnju Thawani, an entrepreneur and healer, started realizing spirituality when she was 16 where her life completely turned around when witnessing the power of prayer, love, and faith. She then had her second awakening while overcoming a tough situation, and breakthrough successfully as she discovered the world of healing.

She started to learn the art of healing through Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga by Master Choa, and ThetaHealing® by Vianna Stibal. She believes that everything around us is energy & we ourselves are an essence of unconditional Love and energy. In trusting the higher power or God as we may say, all things are possible.

What people have said about ThetaHealing® with Anju?

Dear Anju,

I would like to thank you for the amazing ThetaHealing® that you have done for me and helped me to understand what the root of my issue is. It helped me to increase my daily life style skills and my relationship with myself and other people around me. It reminded me that my feeling is as important as others feeling and I have to respect my value and it bring me back more kindness from people around me.

Thank you so much for your healing

For Anju,

Thank you dear. I found great relief in my knees and other parts of my body. Thank you very very much.

Anju is a an absolute angel.
Her healings were gentle and so effective. I could feel the healing take place immediately ❤ she is amazing!!

– Genievie