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Reiki Refuge is a service mark of TCM Wellness Services, a registered holistic therapy centre in Kuala Lumpur that offers Reiki therapy, Acupuncture, Guasha Massage, and other treatments in holistic and complementary health.

We help people move towards balance, wellness and health by using time tested complementary therapy treatments which activates the body’s natural healing response.

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Treatment Services, Classes & Events

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blockages, the inherent ability of the body and the mind to heal itself is stimulated.

New Studies Show That Acupuncture Equals Disease Prevention


Acupuncture is a healthcare system involving involving the stimulation of points on the body based on millennia-old principles. It is very effective for preventative health as well as treating both chronic and acute problems.

The Benefits Of A Guasha Massage

Guasha Massage

Guasha massage is a natural, alternative therapy that involves stroking the skin to improve circulation. This traditional Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain.

Reiki Workshops

Learning Reiki is easy and requires no special skill or belief. All our classes are taught without religious or philosophical dogma. We currently provide training for all levels of Reiki with regularly scheduled workshops for Level 1 and 2. Reiki Level 3 classes are organised on request.

Hatha Yoga

Yoga Classes

The Hatha Yoga programme guides students through a progressive series of postures known as asanas that systematically improves flexibility and strength, while relieving chronic muscular tension due to stress. This is a gentle yoga exercise that focuses on static poses.

Other Events & Classes

Our workshops, classes and events are primarily held in our premise in Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur. Workshops are occasionally held in other locations as well. As we have limited space, we are only able to accept registrations on a first come, first served basis.

Invest In Yourself

Join our monthly Refuge Wellness Club to receive reduced rates on our Holistic Treatment Service and other benefits. This is a perfect way to commit to taking regular breaks from your schedule for the sole purpose of healing, restoring, and nourishing yourself!

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Refuge Jottings

Healthy Joints
04 Feb

Healthy Joints The TCM Way

Ever felt a slight twinge in your joints? Whatever your age, a small ache now could become arthritis; or worse; down the road, so start taking care of your joints today. Take these tips to protect your joints well into the future.

13 Jan

MCO 2021 Announcement

With the announcement of Movement Control Order covering the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and other States from January 13 – 26, we are happy to announce that will remain open for treatment services.

04 Dec

When Healing Isn’t Necessarily Curing

A while ago, I was contacted by a person who wanted to know if Acupuncture and Reiki would be able to cure him of HIV. While it isn’t always that we will come across folks who are seeking a miracle cure for something as severe as this there will be many occasions that as complementary therapists, we will frequently encounter people who are suffering from “incurable” diseases. While such diseases are considered “incurable”, does that mean that one cannot be healed?