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Bob Kee - Founder of Reiki Refuge
Bob Kee – Founder of Reiki Refuge


Glad that you decided to drop by!

Reiki Refuge is a service mark of TCM Wellness Services, a registered holistic therapy centre in Kuala Lumpur that offers Reiki therapy, Acupuncture, Guasha Massage, and other treatments in holistic and complementary health.

We help people move towards balance, wellness and health by using time tested complementary therapy treatments which activates the body’s natural healing response.

We also conduct workshops and classes in Reiki and other wellness techniques so that others may learn and share these gifts both for themselves as well as others. Workshops are conducted mainly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia although we do travel to other locations as well.

Our holistic approach means that we address healing at all levels of self – mind, body, and spirit. We approach each of our patients, clients, and students with the utmost respect and non-judgmental care.

Whether you come in with pain, anxiety, or trying to figure out your life purpose, we are here in service.

We believe that feeling better is just the beginning of the journey. Our utmost goal is to help you truly thrive!

May you be filled with light and love

Bob Kee
Founder and Resident Therapist

Professional Affiliations & Code Of Ethics

Bob Kee, the founder of Reiki Refuge at TCM Wellness Services, is a full member of the Persatuan Pengajian Sains Zhineng Qi Gong Malaysia (formerly known as Persatuan Jurulatih Qi Gong Malaysia) as well as the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (Reg No: US2604169907), The Reiki Association (Reg No: 8159) and the International Association of Reiki Professionals (Reg No: 32747957).

Bob is also a rostered practitioner with the Federation of Chinese Physicians & Acupuncturist Associations of Malaysia (Reg No: 3330), one of the regulatory bodies for the practice of traditional and complementary medicine recognised by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

As registered practitioners, we are bound by the various Code of Ethics and legislation that regulate the industry. They include: