Case Study: Irritability and a Frozen Shoulder

Case Study: Irritability and a Frozen Shoulder

This article is from the case files of Tammy Hatherill, a Reiki Master based in Australia:

A fit and healthy 44 year old female came to see me desperate for help and assistance. She had a good life and was enjoying it immensely, apart from the fact she found herself irritable and cranky from lack of sleep, when her frozen shoulder played up. She was at her wits end and sick to death of paying out money to the chiropractor who she claims, wasn’t helping her in the least.

For the sake of this article I will name my client ‘Sarah’.

Sarah had no preconceived ideas about Reiki and the first session was interesting to say the least. I discovered that her root/base chakra was blocked. This chakra is responsible for self-preservation, personal survival and our identification with the physical world. As it turned out Sarah was experiencing great problems with her neighbours and almost felt intimidated and frightened by them. Her fear of them stopped her from going outdoors as much as she would like, so she stayed inside the house.

Although her frozen shoulder issue had been ‘present’ many more years than the issue with the neighbours, I truly felt it had become worse because Sarah was ‘frozen’ with how to proceed with the family living next door… manifesting in her shoulder.

Considering I can’t direct Reiki to go to any particular area of the body, or to deal with any particular issue, I trusted it would go exactly where it was required, and I truly believed the biggest issues at this point in time, was the blocked root/base chakra and the irritation that Sarah was feeling when it came to her neighbours. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what the Reiki Practitioner thinks is the problem, as the Reiki (coming from divine source and knowledge) will always flow precisely where it needs to.

I also sent Reiki into the future for Sarah, so contact might be more pleasant and amicable on the next few encounters. I also sent Reiki around her property, and concentrated on releasing and clearing her fear.

On conclusion of Sarah’s very first Reiki treatment she felt rejuvenated and relaxed. She felt much calmer, grounded and in control. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and for weeks and months afterwards she was still feeling good and in control. The next door neighbours were not affecting her as much as they once did.

Therefore her 2nd session of Reiki was approximately 16 weeks after the first, and this time I definitely felt a change in energy around her left shoulder. I was now experiencing the heat generating in my palms as I touched her in this area. So as always I did an all over Reiki treatment, however I did concentrate on using my symbols and releasing the energy and tensions in the left shoulder. If the Reiki was meant to help this ailment then it would. If not that it would travel to the area it was meant to.

As with the first treatment Sarah felt totally rejuvenated afterwards, and advised that she felt no pain in her shoulder.

It would be five months before Sarah returned for another Reiki treatment. She bounced into my practice full of wonder and amazement of the power of Reiki.

Since that 2nd treatment she hadn’t experienced any further issues with her shoulder. In-fact she stated, her husband was amazed that Sarah could sleep on that side of her body. She had never been able to because of the severe and debilitating pain. Sarah tried to explain to her hubby, all about Reiki and fell short because she couldn’t find the words to describe it. All she could say is it’s the best feeling she has ever had. Her husband was astounded that Sarah had not returned to the chiropractor during the five months either. She truly had no further pain in her shoulder. She was overjoyed, because now she could sleep and was no longer in pain or irritable. It made a huge impact in her life.

This third treatment was one of pure relaxation for Sarah. It was a relaxing and invigorating session, where she was lost in a state of bliss and glory. The Reiki energy went to small areas of life that were out of balance and helped to rectify them in a very gently and non-invasive way. I could see Sarah almost float out of my room.

Now Sarah books in for a treatment whenever she feels the need, or her body indicates that a session is required. She loves it and vows by its healing abilities. She has been referring many people to me as well, which is a lovely indicator of her belief and faith. As a practitioner, to see such results, and to see the profound difference in a person – is rewarding and liberating.

Reiki is a gentle and yet powerful tool to help the body to help itself. I hope you find this case study useful in understanding Reiki just that little bit more.

Source : A Case Study: Irritability and a Frozen Shoulder