One Woman’s Story of Healing Dental and Knee Injuries

One Woman’s Story of Healing Dental and Knee Injuries

Reducing anxiety and pain are the two most documented benefits in Reiki medical research, and who doesn’t experience anxiety and pain in the dentist’s chair? Learn how self Reiki helped Paula Elofson-Gardine of Denver, Colorado, heal her dental and knee injuries and surgeries.

Self Reiki for Oral Surgery and Knee Recovery

by Paula Elofson-Gardine

Paula Elofson-Gardine
Paula Elofson-Gardine
Halloween 2014 was really scary!

I took a bad fall while visiting Canada, tearing my meniscus laterally in both knees, and breaking off two teeth in my lower left jaw. Being away from home made recovering from the shock and pain of the injury that much harder.

The orthopedist wanted to do knee replacements. I said, “No, thank you,” and stepped up my Reiki practice.

Both knees are now much better.

The teeth have taken longer. Due to many delays on my (former) dentist’s part, I was very concerned it could turn into a bone infection. And it did.

I finally went to a new dentist. He took one look and said I needed a series of surgeries to fix my mouth. Specifically, I needed the bone infection scraped away, a sinus lift on the upper right, a bone graft, two implants, and the two broken teeth removed. OUCH!

While removing the stitches after the first surgery, the oral surgeon said he was amazed at how well I healed from the surgery, that it looked really great.

That was May 2015.

More surgery a year later

The oral surgeon outlined a plan of three surgeries to correct the damage.

We started in May 2016 with a ridge augmentation so he could later place two implants where the broken teeth had been removed.

Ridge augmentation means peeling the tissue away from the teeth and jaw, making cuts along the jaw bone to create room for the bone grafts and implants.

The second surgery couldn’t be done until the circulation was restored to the area. Without circulation, the tissue would die.

I returned to have the stitches removed three weeks after the ridge augmentation. Again, he was shocked by how rapidly I recovered from the surgery, saying the surgical area looked great.

Self Reiki meant less surgery

The second surgery was in late June 2016.

I had healed so well from the first surgery that he was able to place the bone grafts and the two implant posts. He accomplished all the work in two surgeries instead of the expected three! What a relief!

I just went back to have those stitches removed. He remarked that he thought I would take longer to heal due to my age, but it looked beautiful, pink, healthy, and healed like a child could heal. I said: “I know, right? Each time, I have healed really well.”

He replied: “Yes, better than any patients I’ve seen before. I am thinking of doing a case study on you for this remarkable healing and have it published.”

And the secret is

I asked if he wanted to know my secret. Of course he did!

I told him I rinsed the surgical area with my WaterPik on its lowest setting to stimulate circulation and practiced self Reiki.

He said whatever it was I was doing, I had demonstrated remarkable healing with each surgery.

When I see him in a few weeks, I’ll bring a few Reiki articles to help him understand the expedited self healing he observed.