How Learning Reiki Benefits Everyone

You can learn Reiki to give you a practical way to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands. By learning how to move energy and affect energetic systems, you’ll be able to use that knowledge to improve your own health and the health of your loved ones.

It’s important to maintain an active presence of healers in every community, and to learn Reiki is to join with other natural healers around the world to help make the world a healthier, more positive place to live while at the same time directly healing your immediate friends, family and neighbours.

Who Practices Reiki?

While all healers affect life energy, not all healers use Reiki. Reiki is a specific form of energy medicine, and can only be performed by someone that has been attuned to it. Anyone can be attuned to practice Reiki, and once you have been attuned you retain the gift of Reiki for the rest of your life.

Reiki is part of the Eastern energetic medical tradition that is recognised as an complementary health and medical modality by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, and is even beginning to find a place in western hospitals. Nurses and volunteers are receiving training and attunement.

Reiki is practiced in communities around the world, by everyday people and by medical professionals both in the alternative and traditional healing worlds.

What are the major benefits to learning Reiki?

There are numerous and bountiful benefits to learning Reiki. Here are some reasons why you may benefit from learning Reiki and I’ll cap this post up with observations and comments from my own Reiki students.

Anyone Can Learn Reiki

Yes that’s right, anyone can learn.

I have taught teachers, mums, dads, executives, geologists, NGO workers and many more. Some have gone on to become professional Reiki Practioners, others have used it as a tool to enhance other things they do and their overall quality of life.

As a teacher I love exposing people from all walks of life to Reiki and adore how complementary it is. Reiki Training is not just for people that want to become healers.Learning Reiki is a self-development journey. Which is why I adore teaching it so much. Once you become aware of the creative life-force that exists within you and start to work with it on a conscious level, your experience of life will totally transform in the most amazing ways.

Decreases Anxiety & Worry, Enhances Inner Peace & Calm

The attunements you receive in the courses and regular self-healing help to disengage from the “over thinking monkey mind” and connect you to your true nature. As a result you worry less and become more present.

Become More Grounded & Balanced

Upon finishing Reiki 1, one of the most common things all students report is that they feel so much more grounded and balanced mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Reiki allows you to become more connected to nature & much more aware of how you can manage your day-to-day energy.

Increases Self-Love & Confidence

Learning Reiki is a journey of self-empowerment. You walk away from the Reiki 1 training no longer a victim to life as you learn how take total responsibility for all areas of your life, your thoughts, feelings, body and relationships and as a result confidence and self-love naturally increases.

You Learn the Art Of Self-healing

Your body always seeks to be in balance and harmony. It is wise, intelligent and powerful. Self-healing allows you to connect to your body and listen to its wisdom. You connect to your inner compass, allowing you to let go of things that no longer serve you and move forward with ease and grace. Reiki is wonderful as a natural pain reliever, whenever I get headaches now rather than reaching for a Panadol I simply lie down, place my hands over my head, channel healing energy, and then almost instantly the pain will dissolve.

Less Fear & More Courage

Fear is often only an illusion of the mind. Learning Reiki allows you to recognise fear for what it is, listen to it’s wisdom and move through it into the unknown with ease, confidence and strength.

Greater Clarity, Creativity & Sense Of Purpose

Often people will be drawn to learn Reiki while they are in a stage of transition in their lives. It is very common during the training to have enormous “Eureka” moments, where major waves of clarity about the past and the future surface strongly.

Stronger Intuition & Trust For Self

Everyone is intuitive; it isn’t a gift reserved for a “special few”. The Reiki journey helps you reclaim these innate gifts. Reiki helps you to return to wholeness. You discover that you are a child of the universe, and very much part of it’s natural cycles. When re-connected to nature you start to recognize the balance and harmony within everything and your place within that framework.

More Compassion, Gratitude And Appreciation For Life

Reiki 1 opens up the Heart Chakra. You evolve from a place of mind-based consciousness, to heart-based consciousness. You discover how everyone and everything in your life has served your evolution, which results in deep feelings of appreciation and gratitude for life.

You Gain An Amazing Gift To Share With All

In Reiki 1 training you learn not only how to do self-healing, but how to share healing energy with family, friends, loved ones, plants, animals, land and physical objects. It is such a sacred gift to be able to share and it provides deep comfort, healing and relaxation during any challenging circumstances life may present.

My Reiki Students Speak

Life Changing Experience

I came for the course out of curiosity, I wasn’t really sure if it works, but three days after it seems to me that this might be a life changing experience.

Bob K, the founder of Reiki Refuge, has always had an interest in holistic and complementary healing arts having being exposed to traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong at a very early age. Having offered Reiki treatments and acupuncture since 2013, he has had the blessing to help many people move towards balance, wellness and health. He has also been blessed with the opportunity to mentor folks down the Reiki path, many of whom have become close friends and fellow travelers.

Bob is a registered practitioner and teacher of the Shibumi International Reiki Association and a rostered practitioner with the Federation of Chinese Physicians & Acupuncturist Associations of Malaysia (FCPAAM).

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