Clearing Energy Blocks With Reiki

Clearing Energy Blocks With Reiki

Every living being has energy that forms part of what they are. When we are full of life force energy, we experience good health, vitality, and a sense of well being. This is when we are at our best. The problem is that as years go by, blocks may develop that slows or hinders the flow of energy that occurs naturally. When there is blockage in our energy flow on any aspect of our life, it creates disharmony and affects well-being on all levels.

These energy blocks may occur as a result of physical injuries or illness, stress, anxiety, unresolved emotions or trauma. When these blocks become lodged in the body on a cellular level, this can lead to imbalances and illness further on. In essence, all illness is rooted in our energy field and reflects the imbalance in an aspect of our life.

Blockage of energy flow in the body also slows down the body’s natural healing ability. When this rate of healing slows down, the body takes a longer time to repair from illness or injury.

Reiki helps to clear these blocks in a gentle manner, allowing the life force energy to flow freely which can help in preventing physical illness and diseases. By increasing the flow of life force energy and clearing blocked channels, Reiki treatment also helps speed up the body’s natural healing ability and restores the body to it’s optimum self-healing capacity. With time, dissipating the energy blockages will also help to restore a sense of peace and harmony, and enhance overall well-being.

Reiki can have a positive effect on all types of negative conditions and illnesses, from small discomforts like headaches to deeper problems like depression and recovery from invasive conventional therapy (like chemotherapy). Reiki can also help reduce anxiety and assist with the side effects of treatments.

So whether our concerns are physical, emotional, stress-related, or trauma, Reiki can often help us in a gentle and calming way.