Letting In The New Year By Letting Go

Letting In The New Year By Letting Go

The last few months have been a constant celebration of new years and new beginnings. The Muslims started the ball rolling with Awal Muharram on September 22 last year followed by the Christian Advent on December 3. The Gregorian New Year fell on January 1 and the Chinese Lunar New Year is but a few days away on February 16. These dates will soon be followed by the Indian Solar New Year on April 13/14, the Kadazandusun Kaamatan Festival on May 1 and the Iban Gawai on May 31. The Christian season of Lent also begins tomorrow on February 14 (yes, the date can mean more than just Valentine’s Day).

In Malaysia, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to observe and celebrate these various opportunities of new beginnings as part and parcel of our diverse heritage and culture. Apart from the gaiety and merriment that these occasions bring about, they also give us plenty of opportunity to reflect, take stock of what has happened, learn to release, and let go all year! Imagine a full year of second chances!

Nevertheless, letting go is never as easy as it sounds. This is an uphill battle that presents with its own challenges. Truth is, when we go with our flow, including letting go of what (and whom) we need to let go of, we make our lives much easier on ourselves. The fight only prolongs the needed growth from happening.

We all have different ways of learning. And for some of us, garnering resistance towards release serves its own purpose, and may be the way we best learn. Whichever way we choose on our journey, we all come to the crossroads of “should I stay or should I go?”

So, as we approach another festival of new beginnings, we start to evaluate how the past months have treated us, and think of what’s worked and what hasn’t. Even when certain things no longer serve us – outdated mental patterns, old behaviors and addictions that rear their heads to see if you truly are as done with them as you say you are, exes that seem to stay in our lives for no redeeming reason, friends or family members that you stay engaged with, despite their abusive or detrimental actions, the job that sucks your life-force out of you.

Energetically, this process of reflecting on our old stories will be a challenging one, making some of us still hold on for dear life to the remnants of the past that we clutch onto out of fear. Fear of change, fear of what will become of us if we were to shift our story.

But the fact is that hanging onto the old stuff does not help make things easier, or preserve what you hold dear. It prevents you from owning your true and natural abundance.

Here are some tips to help us gracefully let go:

  1. Letting Go Is An Act Of Self-Love

    Self-love means taking care of yourself, on all levels. When you understand that when you cling onto old, dusty memories/behaviors/patterns out of fear of loss, that is only half of the struggle. The other half is in recognizing that these outdated things are not the things you hold sacred. What is truly sacred is kept within you, and is only released when you declare it to be. Only you can make that decision.

  2. Give It Up To The Powers That Be

    Whoever or whatever you may believe that power to be – God, the Universe, Love – whatever name you use and are comfortable with. Surrendering means relinquishing control over the outcomes, and releasing your commitment to micromanaging the issue at hand. It’s easy to say, but challenging to do. If you are being called to surrender, do yourself a favour and give it up. Once you cross the threshold and surrender your control, you will literally feel a load lift off of your shoulders!

  3. Start Forgiving

    When you forgive, you don’t condone the behaviour that transpired. But you do give yourself permission to accept that what happened, happened, and allow powerful healing to take place within, so you can move on, and no longer be a prisoner to your bitterness.

  4. Manifest The Release

    One way to release what no longer is meant to be in your life is to create a physical ritual around it, where you write it down, and then burn it up. The words can be the name of the challenge, or person, you are ready to let go of. It could be a poem or a phrase that perfectly encapsulates what is happening in your life right now. Once you’ve named it on paper, light the tip of it with a flame, and let it burn by a window in a fireproof container. As you see the smoke plume and waft into the air, you are releasing it.

  5. Nourish Your Lungs

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Lungs are one of the primary organs that influences grief and acceptance. I have known people who have recurring colds and coughs that start after an incident of loss and grief that cannot be traced to a physical source. Garlic, cinnamon, dates, ginger, lamb, molasses, pumpkin, sweet potato, and walnuts are all beneficial in building Lung Qi. Essential oils like Eucalyptus Radiata and Ravensara are wonderful for building the Lung Qi, and assisting with release.

  6. Receive A Reiki Treatment

    Reiki clears and rebalances the energy centers with pure Universal Life Energy that is channeled to you for your highest benefit, while helping to bring about balance and create Qi flow for the benefit of our body, mind, and spirit. This can help help you detox, recalibrate, and reconnect you to your true self, on various levels.

So here’s wishing you liberation, abundance, love, and light for this season of new beginnings. To those who are celebrating the Chinese New Year:

春节快乐 竹报平安

万事如意 五福临门