Honing Your Intuition

Honing Your Intuition As A Reiki Practitioner

I remember, after my first Reiki session I had received certain insights from the practitioner, and I was stunned at the intuitive accuracy. Now, after years of practice, I know that everyone can be intuitive – given that they want to be intuitive and actually put in the effort for it.

As one progresses in the levels of Reiki, the intuitive abilities automatically enhance and take quantum leaps – especially for people who meditate, or have been engaged in spiritual practices. Yet, there are people who just do not know where to start, what intuition is or how it works – even when they progress.

There is nothing wrong with not focusing or not pursuing to hone intuition. It’s a personal choice that one makes because intuition is not the main essence of Reiki, but it surely adds to the whole experience.

For those who look to enhance their intuition, my favorite method is to start early. As soon as Reiki 1 is completed “start asking”. When giving a session to any person, talk to the area of the body that is covered by your hand position. In your head, ask – “what is this area of the body telling me about this person?” – and then wait. Make sure you close your eyes while doing this – it will help you focus.

If there is no answer, try another body part. Keep trying. The most common form for the answers to show up are:

  • Images
  • A small voice in your head, much calmer than yours
  • A knowing, or a feeling

Don’t doubt this information that comes to you, instead keep a book and pen beside you throughout the session and make notes. Once the session is over, talk to the person about it. If you see an image – ask the client what the image means to them or you can draw an inference from the image and see whether that resonates with your client.

You may not be confident, but that’s okay. You may even be wrong a few times but that’s okay too. The more you practice, the sharper your skills will be and only practice can make you perfect. If you are still hesitant to discuss it with your client, you can ask them questions that will confirm your intuition – this way you won’t have to worry about being proven wrong to someone else.

The main reason I suggest this method in Reiki Level 1 is so that when you progress to Level 2 it comes to you more naturally. In Level 2, you can use the symbols to seek guidance from your Higher Self – but that is only possible if you have exercised your intuitive muscles a little.