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We would like to welcome Khor Hui Min and Anju Thawani to our small family. They will be providing Pranic Healing and ThetaHealing® therapy respectively to provide a more holistic approach to your health and wellness.

About Hui Min & Pranic Healing

Khor Hui MinA writer by profession, Hui Min believes in balancing a successful life with spirituality, and it is possible to be practical and spiritual at the same time.

Hui Min has had an interest in life and spirituality since a young age. She started her meditation practice in 2004 within the Buddhist tradition and in 2016 began to explore other forms of meditations, such as Visualisation. Since 2018, she has attended Pranic Healing retreats in India and the Philippines and is also a Pranic Healing practitioner.

Hui Min is available for Pranic Healing services by appointment every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy healing system based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. It utilises ‘energy’, called Qi in China and Ki in Japan, to accelerate the body’s inborn ability to heal itself.

A comprehensive system of natural healing techniques that uses prana to treat illness, Pranic Healing is a synthesis of ancient, esoteric healing methods that have been rediscovered, researched and tested over decades with proven success.

For more information about Pranic Healing, click here.

About Anju and ThetaHealing®

Anju ThawaniAn entrepreneur and healer, Anju started realizing spirituality when she was 16 where her life completely turned around when witnessing the power of prayer, love, and faith. She then had her second awakening while overcoming a tough situation, and breakthrough successfully as she discovered the world of healing.

She started to learn the art of healing through Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga by Master Choa, and ThetaHealing® by Vianna Stibal. She believes that everything around us is energy & we ourselves are an essence of unconditional Love and energy. In trusting the higher power or God as we may say, all things are possible.

Anju is available for ThetaHealing® services by appointment every Tuesday to Friday after 6.00 pm and on our normal weekend opening hours.


ThetaHealing® is one of the most powerful meditation techniques designed by Vianna Stibal, more than 20 years ago, who healed herself of Cancer she had in her thigh bone. This meditation uses a quick and effective technique guiding you to creator’s energy to witness amazing healing in yourself and others.

This technique is frequently used to change the limiting beliefs people have around healing, self-love, self-worth, attracting abundance, manifesting and attracting soul mates.

For more information about ThetaHealing®, click here.

New Services Rate Card

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