Restricted Movement Order

COVID-19 Restricted Movement Order (March 18 – 31)

Due to marked severity of the COVID-19 outbreak both at home as well as abroad, and in compliance with the National Restricted Movement Order, we will be canceling a our scheduled events until 31 March.

The restrictions will cover the following:

  • Ban on all mass public gatherings, including religious, sports, social and cultural gatherings.

    Closure of all religious and business premises with the exception of markets, supermarkets, grocers and convenience stores that sell daily necessities.

  • Ban on all foreign travel for Malaysian citizens. Returning Malaysian citizens will be subject to a mandatory 14 day self-quarantine.
  • Ban on all foreign entry into Malaysia
  • Closure of all kindergartens and schools, including private and religious schools.
  • Closure of all institutes of higher learning, including private institutes.
  • Closure of all government and private premises with the exception of those providing essential services defined as water supply, electricity supply, power generation, telecommunications, postal services, transportation, irrigation, oil, gas, fuel, lubricants, broadcasting, financial services, banking, healthcare, pharmaceutical services, fire services, prisons, ports, airports, public security, defence, hygiene services, food retail and food supply services.

We will continue to monitor the situation as well as advisories from the Ministry of Health for the other events.

In the meantime, I would encourage all to continue to channel Reiki to the COVID-19 outbreak and to take the necessary prudent measures to stay safe.

Some guidelines for health and safety related to the COVID-19 outbreak can be found here.

If you suspect that you may have respiratory infection symptoms, you may contact the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC) hotline at 03-8881 0200.

Treatment services will continue as usual but we will be taking the necessary preventive precautions.

May you all be blessed with love and light.