A Reiki Practitioner's Bookshelf

A Reiki Practitioner’s Bookshelf

I am often asked by my students and other Reiki practitioners which Reiki specific books do I use as references in my practice. I have therefore compiled a list of what I feel are books, in order of recommendation by your Reiki training, that I have found very helpful in my 9 year journey as a Reiki practitioner and healer. I have also included some titles that may help if you are looking to start up a practice:

Getting Started In Reiki

These books provide a lot of context to the practice of Reiki, especially for beginners, as well as a good introduction to Reiki for non-practitioners.

The Reiki BibleThe Reiki Bible
by Eleanor Mckenzie
IBSN: 9781402770036

The Reiki Bible provides a comprehensive, stunningly designed guide to this ancient spiritual system. It covers Reiki’s origins and development; the energy and body systems; and the three levels of Reiki.

Reiki 200 Q&As for BeginnersReiki: 200 Q&As For Beginners
by Lawrence Ellyard
ISBN: 9781905047475

All the questions you might have about Reiki answered in one handy volume. A complete guide to the way and practice of Reiki, each chapter is categorised by topics.  If you have a question about a particular Reiki experience, the answers are there.

Self Healing with Reiki

Self Healing With Reiki
by Penelope Quest
ISBN: 9780749929725

Reiki Self Healing is an amazing tool for healing mind, body, emotions and spirit to create wholeness and harmony, personal peace and a sense of purpose. This book is packed with innovative yet easy-to-use techniques and is aimed at everyone who has worked with Reiki at any level.

The Clinical Practice of Reiki

This is usually the form of Reiki most of us are familiar with – an energy healing modality. These provide some guided methods as well as research on how to use Reiki effectively as a healer.

The Original Reiki Handbook of Mikao UsuiThe Original Reiki Handbook of Mikao Usui
by Mikao Usui, Frank Arjava Petter
ISBN: 9780914955573

A translation of the handbook of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai purportedly written by Mikao Usui, this book shows you the original hand positions taught by Usui. It has been illustrated with 100 photos to make it easier to understand.

The Hayashi Reiki ManualThe Hayashi Reiki Manual
by Chujiro Hayashi, Tadao Yamaguchi, Frank Arjava Petter
ISBN: 9780914955757

A translation of Hayashi’s Reiki Ryoho Shinhin, it also includes newly researched information about Hayashi and illustrated with previously unpublished archive photos, main exercises of the Hayashi Reiki system including techniques never taught in the West before.

Reiki For Common AilmentsReiki For Common Ailments
by Mari Hall
ISBN: 9780749941253

A comprehensive guide to treating over eighty common health problems from eczema, fatigue and anxiety, to back ache, arthritis and high blood pressure. For each ailment, an overview of symptoms, advice on emotional aspects of the complaint, describes the chakras and glands which should be focused on and recommends other therapies which can assist the healing process.

Reiki In Clinical PracticeReiki In Clinical Practice
by Ann Baldwin
ISBN: 9781912085361

The book provides an accurate description of Reiki, based on qualitative and quantitative scientific evidence, in terms of how it can be used in medical settings to benefit patients of all types, physiologically and psychologically.

The Philosophy of Reiki

I have often emphasised that Reiki is not merely a healing modality but one that is most effective as a spiritual formation and self realisation exercise. Spiritual, not religious, hence making it possible for one to embrace Reiki as a complementary element of one’s praxis in their faith tradition.

Japanese Art of ReikiJapanese Art of Reiki
by Frans & Brower Stiene
IBSN: 9781905047024

Focusing on the basic elements in their historical context, this guide contains beautifully grounded information that captures a unique sense of the system’s traditional Japanese roots to re-define and strengthen the concept of Reiki as it is practised today.

Living The Reiki Way
by Penelope Quest
ISBN: 9780749929336

Reiki is not simply about healing others – it is also about healing yourself and growing spiritually. This book offers practical and spiritual guidance on how you can absorb the six key Reiki principles into your everyday life.

The Inner Heart of ReikiThe Inner Heart of Reiki
by Frans Stiene
ISBN: 9781785350559

Takes a look at the inner heart of the spiritual teachings of the system of Reiki. It will take practitioners and teachers to a whole new level of understanding about their practice and about the way they teach.

Reiki Meditation for BeginnersReiki Meditations for Beginners
by Lawrence Ellyard
ISBN: 9780910261975

This is a complete guide to the practice of meditation and shows how these two practices are in fact an integral experience for anyone wishing to cultivate inner peace and happiness in daily life.

Entrepreneurship For Holistic Therapists

One of more common laments is that most training programmes in complementary and holistic therapies do not teach their students how to actually get started in their practice. I was one of them.

Now that I am actually preparing course outlines, lesson plans and teaching students myself, I can see why it may not be too practical to incorporate that. Nonetheless, there is a need to at least have a basic outline of what is needed to be done if one does choose to start their own practice. Some of the books below have been very helpful for me:

Ultimate Reiki Guide for Practitioners and MastersThe Ultimate Reiki Guide for Practitioners and Masters
by Lawrence Ellyard
ISBN: 9781905047482

This book offers you down to earth advice on giving Reiki treatments, the kind of information you need to reach as many people as possible, and how you can still manage to pay the bills at the end of the day. The tips can be utilised by any healthcare practitioner with exceptional results.

The Secrets of Spiritual MarketingThe Secrets of Spiritual Marketing
by Lawrence Ellyard
ISBN: 9781846942242

This book offers for the first time everything you need to know about advertising and marketing your natural therapy business. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting out this book will provide you with the tools you need to create a profitable practice.

Love, Light & BusinessLove, Light & Business
by Bonnie Willow
ISBN: 9781452535166

Using the human body as a metaphor. this is geared specifically for holistic healing practitioners who want to learn how to run a successful business. The interactive workshop format guides you step-by-step to discover your hidden strengths; what to do yourself and what to delegate; how to communicate your practice’s unique focus; and much more.

I have read all the books recommended above and own quite a few of them. They have been very helpful for me since I started my practice way back in 2013. Do note that the links take you to my affiliate link on Book Depository where they offer free shipping of the books worldwide. You are not obliged to purchase them from the link so do feel free to do some price comparison.

If you’re wondering what the fuss is about, or feel drawn to learn how to practice Reiki for yourself, there’s a link below that will take you to the workshops that I hold regularly.


This list is occasionally updated as I come across more books that I find helpful in my practice.

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