All consultations and treatments are at least 45 minutes including treatment and consultation time. I ask for at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation so that the appointment may be offered to another client. If bookings are cancelled within 24 hours a cancellation fee of RM25 may be charged.

Clients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will give their written consent prior treatment.

As there is not a supervised waiting area, clients are not permitted to bring children with them, with the exception of babies under 12 months who will be kept with the client during the treatment. The client accepts full responsibility for their baby throughout the treatment and understands that their treatment may be disturbed if their baby does not settle.

Appointment Booking Policy

It is our policy to require all patients and prospective patients over the age of 18 to schedule their own appointments.

The only exception to these policies is for minors, mentally or intellectually disabled individuals, and individuals who have designated a health care representative. In these cases, the person(s) legally responsible for making medical decisions will be permitted to schedule appointments, pay for treatment, and communicate privately with us.

This is because successful treatment requires a willingness on the part of the patient to be an engaged participant in a process that may extend over the course of weeks or months. It is not possible for a family member or friend, no matter how well-meaning, to make this commitment on behalf of a patient or prospective patient.

Gift Vouchers & Cards

For this reason we do not sell gift cards intended for prospective patients. Privacy policies prevent us from selling gift cards intended for the use of existing patients.

If you would like to assist an existing patient in our practice in paying for their treatment, the individual being treated will need to fill out and sign a form granting us permission to accept payment from you for their treatment. Please understand that, even if you are paying for treatment, privacy policies prevent us from disclosing information to you about topics such as whether or not your loved one is showing up for their appointments, whether or not they are making progress, how many more treatments will be required, etc.

If you wish to give the gift of improved health to a loved one, we encourage you to consider giving them cash with the encouragement  that they use it for acupuncture and/or other holistic therapies.

Refuge Wellness Club and Treatment Packages

We do sell memberships and treatment packages entitling patients to discounted treatments. Such packages can only be purchased by the patient themselves for their own use and cannot be transferred to another person.

Workshops, Courses & Events Booking Policy

All applicable workshop, course and events participation fees must be paid in full to secure placement and admission to the workshop or course.

The following fees will apply when attendees choose to cancel their booked places on a workshop or course:

  • Cancellation received 1 week before the workshop or course – 50% of the workshop or course fees
  • Cancellation not received one week before the workshop or course – no refund – total workshop or course fees applies. A student who cancels on the day of the workshop or course is not entitled to a refund. A student who cancels off a re-booked workshop or course will not be entitled to a refund.

We reserve the right to cancel workshops or courses if necessary. Every effort will be made to give attendees no less than 5 working days notice of cancellation. We will not be responsible for any costs incurred due to workshop or course cancellation apart from the refund of fees already paid.

Refunds will only be made to the person or organisation that made the original payment.  It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure they book on the correct workshop or course they need.  There will be no refunds for people who book on the wrong workshop or course.

Attendees are entitled to one complimentary re-book, if this is made prior to the day of the course. A re-booking done on the day of the course and subsequent re-bookings may incur a fee.

General Terms

Payment for treatments and workshops can be made by cash, QRPay, credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Credit card payments can be made for workshops via Paypal (no Paypal account is necessary for this) – details will be provided on request. Credit terms are not offered.

Client records will be kept in the form of a written client record form or course booking form. Electronic records are restricted to name, address, telephone and email address. No client details will be passed on to third party organisations without the specific written request of the client, unless required to do so by law or in order to resolve payment disputes.

When booking a treatment, clients accept that the treatments we provide are legally classified as traditional and complementary medicine and that they should consult a medical doctor for any known or suspected medical issues. We do not recommend discontinuing any medication or stopping any course of medical treatment. Such decisions should be made in consultation with a qualified medical doctor or relevant medical expert. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue treatment of clients at our discretion.