A Reiki Practitioner's Bookshelf

A Reiki Practitioner’s Bookshelf

I am often asked by my students and other Reiki practitioners which Reiki specific books do I use as references in my practice. I have therefore compiled a list of what I feel are books, in order of recommendation by your Reiki training, that I have found very helpful in my 9 year journey as a Reiki practitioner and healer. I have also included some titles that may help if you are looking to start up a practice.

Are Meridians For Real?

In the practice of various traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapies like Guasha and Acupuncture, the main channels in which the practitioners work on are called meridians. So what are these meridians and are they even real? From a conventional perspective, if something can’t be proven, it’s disregarded. Here’s how both TCM and modern science validate energy channels.

Can Breathing Exercises Help Reduce Lockdown Stress?

Can Breathing Exercises Help Reduce Lockdown Stress?

The importance of deep breathing is often overlooked, but it’s essential to regulating our moods, hormone levels, and digestive system. It improves the balance of our nervous and digestive systems, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces inflammation, regulates our hormone levels, and enhances our overall sleep quality.