No Time For Exercise? Do You Have Time For Illness?

If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll have to make time for illness. It’s as simple as that. There may be times when we found ourselves so drained by the toxic people in our lives that we experienced a burnout. We would hardly be sleeping and have no energy. We need space to be ourselves, fully and freely. We cut people out, cut people off and set boundaries.

Some Exercises To Improve Your Intuition

As spiritual beings, connected to all things, we are all born with an intuitive gift to read others’ energy and the energy around us. We may seem to be born with great psychic abilities, or we may only get a quiet inner voice telling us if something feels right or wrong, but it is there, in all of us. It is only the intensity of how we experience it which is different. The great thing is, no matter where we are on our journey and in our spiritual practice, listening to our inner voice and sensing the energy in others, can be learned.

The Stepping Stones of Reiki

The Stepping Stones Of Reiki

Within the system of Reiki there are many stepping stones, however the first few are all about ourselves. The steps lead towards discovering the state of Being Reiki, our True Self, which is the last stepping stone which brings us back to the first stepping stone and we travel the path again, and again, like a Enso, the Zen circle, no beginning, no end.