Reiki Level 2 Training Workshop

Reiki Level 2 (Okuden Reiki) Workshop

Date & Location

09 May 2020 - 10 May 2020, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Reiki Refuge, Kuala Lumpur (map)

Event Details

The Okuden Reiki 2nd Degree (Reiki Level 2) Workshop is the next stage in your journey with Reiki. Usui’s original system was very much based on working simply and intuitively. If treatments were carried out they were free flowing intuitive treatments, rather than using set hand positions for a set amount of time.

At this level you will be guided towards working more intuitively, enhancing your own natural intuition and providing more unique and intuitive treatments for those you work with.

This workshop will deepen your experience of meditation and mindfulness. You will learn to work with difference energy frequencies within Reiki that guide the energy in a particular way or produce a state of oneness. The latter not only being an important part of Usui’s original system, but a key element of meditation and mindfulness.

By focusing on specific energies you’ll discover how you can work more purposely for yourself and others. This creates a more profound and focused form of practice. The way we access the different frequencies at this level is through the use of the Reiki symbols.

In many jurisdictions, Reiki 2nd Degree certification is the minimum requirement to be able to practice professionally.

Workshop Content

What You’ll Learn

  • Advanced Reiki methods
  • Reiki symbols
  • Reiki distance healing
  • Using Reiki for emotional healing
  • Using Reiki with animals & pets
What You’ll Receive

  • Comprehensive Usui Okuden Reiki handbook
  • Additional handouts for workshop
  • Meditation instructions
  • Hayashi Treatment Guide
  • Okuden Reiki (Level 2) attunement
  • Okuden Reiki (Level 2) certificate

Important Note

This workshop is open to all who have completed their Shoden or Level 1 training in Usui Reiki (either with Bob Kee or another teacher). If you have not completed the Shoden or Level 1 training, click here to find out more or contact us directly.

Reiki attunements and information build on each other and each lineage of Reiki holds different information and energetic footprints. There is no point jumping to this level and skipping Reiki Level 1, the tools will not be effective for you without the foundation class.

Your acceptance into the Okuden Reiki 2nd Degree workshop is on condition that you can scan us a copy of your certificate and your lineage. Please understand this double check is for your benefit and to ensure that you are able to utilise the teachings and symbols effectively.

Workshop Fees

Workshop fees are RM 850.

Spaces are limited to 4 people as numbers are kept small to give personal attention to each student.

Group rates are available for groups of four participants. Additional dates (weekday nights, etc) may also be available with arrangement. Please contact us for details.


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