Kat Chang

Kat Chang

Kat is committed to a lifelong practice of health and consciousness.

She is also a certified Yoga teacher, Pranayama instructor, Ayurvedic bodywork therapist, and an Usui Reiki mentor and therapist.

In 2007, she completed her Yoga Instructor’s training followed by her Yoga Therapist certification in 2010. This culminated finally with the completion of the Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher’s certification (RYS200) in 2018 with Yogavatar.

Incorporating the Japanese energy healing method of Reiki with the practice of Yoga, she seeks to create a safe space for people to feel open to explore the movements of their Body and the intricacies of the Mind to facilitate them in their journey to uncover the layers of their Heart.


Reiki, Remedial Guasha, Hatha Yoga

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