Mental, Emotional And Physical Harmony

Honestly speaking, I was curious yet sceptical when I first heard about Reiki. Many of my co-workers in Bangkok practiced Reiki. Even as my deeper exploration and practice of Buddhism began, I was never too interested in exploring Reiki or even trying it out for physical healing.

About 9 years after I first heard of Reiki, I had an opportunity to receive a session from a good friend. I felt good after the session and wanted to learn from her. Unfortunately she fell ill and the window of opportunity passed by. Additionally, I was cautious on a subconscious level since I wondered if Reiki originated from an “un-permitted” source in my faith and spiritual practice.

But after 10 years of the practicing of Buddhist prayers and meditation, I came to a realisation that there is a natural force and energy that is both within and beyond us and it became clear to me that this energy originates from a same source. Whether one calls it the Highest Source, the Medicine Buddha, or God, etc depends on our own context and faith tradition. This force comes from the Highest Source and is able to heal us.

This perspective was re-affirmed when I started learning and practicing Reiki a few weeks ago. I discovered that the healing energy from Reiki and other methods such as prayer or meditation is the same. What Usui Sensei did was to develop a technique that made it a little easier for people to connect to this universal life force that gives healing for mankind. This force leads one to be mentally, emotionally and physically balanced and in harmony so that we can as human beings that joyfully embrace loving kindness with clarity of mind.

A big thanks to Usui Sensei and my two Reiki teachers, Masters Nusrat and Bob who transmitted this knowledge.