Training Classes & Workshops

We hold regular training workshops and classes in healing practices as well as self-improvement, hobbies and crafts. These are primarily held in Kuala Lumpur although occasionally classes are held elsewhere as well.

Advanced booking is required with a minimum of 50% booking fee to secure places for non-free workshops.

Requests for workshops elsewhere or on other dates can be made with prior arrangement. Group rates are available for groups of four participants. Please contact us for details.

Advanced booking is required with a 50% booking fee to secure places for non-free workshops.

We currently only run Reiki Level 3 workshops on request. Please send your enquiry to us by e-mail or WhatsApp.

Healing Circles, Meditation Groups and Events

We are interested in the promotion of healing, regardless of whether or not curing takes place. We are, of course, also interested in curing, but that isn’t our primary focus. It’s not that a cure is too much to hope for; it’s just that it is too little. We view healing and curing as parallel paths, sometimes overlapping, often intertwining… but distinct paths nevertheless.

It is possible to be cured but not healed, healed but not cured, or both, or neither. Of the two, curing is sometimes beyond our personal influence and the efforts of those around us, but healing doesn’t have to be.

The root of the word “healing” is “to make whole”. Whether we feel broken or damaged by cancer or some other condition, or incomplete through the trauma of loss or absence, the question remains: How do we make ourselves whole?

Circles follow the lead and needs of their surrounding community. Like the fires that we’ve gathered around for millennia, each circle gathers around a shared intention. These intentions can be as diverse as the people within the circles.

With that in mind, we host regular healing circles and meditation circles as well as other healing focused events that are open to the public. Most of these events are free to attend although a small donation would definitely be welcome.

Workshops, Classes & Events Schedule

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